Are you using Hugo, the blazing-fast and mostly dependency-hell-free static site generator written in Go?

The central themes catalog is a decent starting point when you need to create a new site, whether a product landing page, a personal blog or a portfolio. Many are technically competent, but most of them aren’t super slick visually, unless you go for one of the minimalist options and are content with that.

One of our top-5 picks from the central catalog is Roxo [live demo] [download], visually stunning out of the box. It turns out, the authors Static Mania (GitHub) have four additional templates on their GitHub profile which are nowhere to be found on

And they are good-looking too!

1. Apsho

Absoultely gorgeous! With a slim stylish typeface and effective use of whitespace.

The boilerplate and graphics seem like you can keep a good percentage if you want to introduce a mobile app. But the visual style shold be perfect for all kinds of landing pages!

License: MIT

Live demo of Apsho

Download Apsho from GitHub

2. Portio

In some ways similar to Apsho. Similarly great use of whitespace. Slightly bolder but still very stylish default font. Blue tones instead of read ones. Slightly more float’y feel to the elements.

The boilerplate is for a personal portfolio but again, looks modern and can probably be adopted to all kinds of use-cases.

License: MIT

Live demo of Portio

Download Portio from GitHub

3. coHub

This one looks a bit more minimalist meets corporate. It doesn’t sell itself to us as well as Apsho and Portio at first glace, but it definitiely feels worth keeping in the toolbag as well.

License: MIT

Live demo of coHub

Download coHub from GitHub

4. Blogge

We didn’t quite like the font choice as much with this one. But if your site’s focus is articles or blog posts and each article generally has an illustration, then Blogge might be a good starting point for you.

License: MIT

Live demo of Blogge

Download Blogge from GitHub

Shout-out to Static Mania for creating these awesome themes and releasing them under the MIT license!


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